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Lady Gaga’s Acrylic Nail Auctioned for about £7,800

By Vanilla Sharma on June 3, 2013 7:48 AM EDT 0

Lady Gaga's acrylic nail
Lady Gaga’s Acrylic Nail Auctioned for about £7,800 (Photo: Facebook/ArtFact)

An acrylic nail worn by pop sensation Lady Gaga during the Dublin leg of the Born this Way tour in September 2012 has been sold by the ArtFact auction house for about £7,800 ($12,000).

The nail is said to have been found by a crew member from the stage after Gaga finished her performance. “I noticed an object on the floor of the stage, which at first I thought was a guitar plectrum,” Wet Paint quoted the crewmember. “When I picked it up, I saw it was an acrylic nail.”

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Even though the auction was held in Boston, Massachusetts, the memorabilia was acquired by an unidentified fan from the United Kingdom.

The black nail typical to Gaga’s style has been designed by Japan born nail artist Aya Fakuda and is long and oval in shape with golden design and tiny bead work.

To substantiate claims that the nail belonged to the Poker Face hit maker, the crew member also provided an Aviva Stadium staff handbook, an event wristband, a grey t-shirt, which was the staff’s uniform during the Dublin show and a photo of the singer wearing the same nails at a previous event in New York, reports The Daily Mail.

The auction house is said to have had high hopes from the sale of the nail and the amount is fetched appears to have lived up to the expectations.

“As a leading pop icon of our times, a style leader and a highly influential cultural figure on a global scale, this piece of Lady Gaga’s personal style could appeal to both passionate collectors of pop culture relics or one of Gaga’s Monsters — the name she’s given to her notoriously loyal fan base,” Boston Herald quoted Artfact CEO Rob Weisberg as saying. “This item is expected to have broad appeal from Lady Gaga’s ardent fans who want something personal for their collection.”

Other memorabilia currently up for auction right now are Michael Jackson’s fedora hat, a white suit once owned by singer Elvis Presley and John Lennon’s corduroy jacket.

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