Google Play Updates Google Plus and Google Play Music

By Anupika Khare on June 14, 2013 6:51 AM EDT 0

Google Play finally updates the Google Play Music and Google Plus
Google unveiled the Google Play Music All Access (US) during the I/O Conference 2013, last month. (Photo: Reuters)

Google Play has finally updated Google Play Music along with Google Plus for all the Android devices.The new version of the software can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

The brand has made it easier to view the notifications on Google+. Before the update was introduced the viewed notifications were shown as not viewed if the account was opened from some other device. But now once these notifications have been viewed on one device, it will be shown as viewed on the other devices as well. Google has also introduced a new Bell icon as reported by The Verge.

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With the new update of Google Play Music, searching and downloading songs is likely to become a much easier and faster process. Users will also be able to discover the tracks of their choice then play and share the music on the Android device or web.

There are many things changed about Google Play Music as now after the update there will be deduction in the data usage, storing music on the device will be faster , there will be new settings for mobile network bandwidth usage. 

Last month, Google unveiled Google Play Music All Access, a music subscription service during the I/O Conference, 2013.Google Play Music All Access does not limit the users to the music on the device; they will have access to all the other music tracks.

Google described it as "Radio without rules."This service is set to compete with other music subscription services like Spotify, Xbox Music, Rdio, Pandora and other similar services.

However, Google Play Music All Access does not have free-trial period beyond 30 days which will end on the 30 June after which it will cost £5.60 ($9.99).

This service will form a list of songs according to the likes of the user and the songs disliked by the user can now be easily removed from the playlist with a "Mailbox-like" sign.

Google has also included the 'Listen Now' feature, which is significant Apple feature with the access to the streaming music library.Music industry has seen growth after the launch of music streaming.

As reported by CNet the digital revenue increased by 9% .Along with Google there are other companies as well who have launched their music streaming services. Like in April, Twitter launched its Twitter Music which is linked with Spotify and Rdio to stream live music.Recently, Apple has also launched it music streaming service called iTunes Radio.

The online music streaming has now heated up with all the companies introducing the online music streaming service.

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