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Defiance Stands To Get First DLC

By Aditya Bhat on June 17, 2013 8:18 AM EDT 0

New DLC for Defiance, incoming. (Photo:

The MMORPG third-person shooter and science fiction game Defiance developed by Trion Worlds is about to expand its world further after it was revealed that the game will be getting its first downloadable content.

The DLC reportedly contains new features that will act as game boosters. Polygon reported on the new DLC that was available for a hands-on demo during the E3.  

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The Castithans, third playable race in the game which also appears in the TV show, had only aesthetic differences when compared with the TV show. The Castithans are known to have pale skin and their costumes in the game are designed to match their style with their symbols interwoven in the armour.

If a player pays the DLC's entry fee of $10 (£6.39), they will be eligible to get a turret mounted four-player vehicle which helps to clear up hordes of enemies. The vehicles is heavier when compared with the other lighter vehicles however, the player has to protect this vehicle from explosion.

The vehicle is useful in the new sieges in the DLC. These sieges allow numerous waves of enemy mobs flocking in to destroy the player. The player must capture and defend their network of control points to win over these enemy mobs. The performance is affected in positive manner increases if he locks down a control point earning more siege score.

Turrets can be placed in strategic location where the enemy lays siege, it can be repaired and upgraded using resources. Every kill made using the turret allows extra points that can be used at the end of the siege.

The DLC offers a new weapon called Volge, which can be unlocked by players by purchasing it via storyline. The speciality of the armament is that it has a charging mechanic that shoots powerful bolts if a player keeps the enemy in sight while holding the trigger for a longer time and then fires it.

New weapon being introduced is a melee weapon called Castithan Blade that has the ability to knock out enemies when they are close and acts as a secondary weapon.

The game was released in April 2013 on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. 

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