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Facebook Designing Flipboard-Interface News Reader

By Anupika Khare on June 24, 2013 2:55 AM EDT 0

Facebook is planning to roll out its news reader application for smartphones. (Photo: Reuters)

To make news sharing much more fun on Facebook, the social media giant is now planning to introduce a new application with a Flipboard-like interface.

There are already a number of users who share latest news events with their family and friends on Facebook and with this, the company wants to make it easier and interesting for the mobile phone users to read news, as reported by Engadget.

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Aiming to change the trend of Twitter being the best social networking news sharing website, Facebook has been working on this application for over a year now. The name of the application was dubbed as Reader which is to be changed once the application is introduced.

The application will present the news content in a new format published by members of Facebook which will be supported by mobile devices as reported by CNet.

The application is said to be similar to the popular news reading application called Filpboard which keeps a collection of articles from different magazine under one application and can be viewed as a magazine on the mobile devices.

Apart from this update, the social networking site has made headline for numerous other additions in the past few weeks.

In April, Facebook introduced the 'Facebook Home' for some Android smartphones and it recently, introduced the hashtags linking aiming to make it easier for the users to know what is trending on Facebook and also help the company create public forums.

Facebook is also said to join hands with the tech giant, Samsung to increase mobile advertisements sales to increase the revenue through advertisements.With all this Facebook seems to be out for another role when the news about the reader also leaked out.

Facebook employees are not ready to comment on the matter. But, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook had hinted about the reader when the News Feed of the Facebook was redesigned.

"We want to give everyone in the world the best personalised newspaper in the world," he added as reported by Business Insider.

As internet is now said to be used more on mobile phones, Facebook is molding itself to the trend by introducing all the applications for the smartphones as well.

With Google reader shutting down on 1 July, it appears that Facebook's upcoming reader might not have much competition but will still be up against the Flipboard application for the mobile phones which has more than 50 million users.

Recently, Flipboard updated its application adding new features with a new design as noted by The Verge.

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