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The Walking Dead: 400 Days – Its Five Main Characters

By Aditya Bhat on July 7, 2013 8:53 AM EDT 0

The Walking Dead: 400 Days
400 Days is the downloadable content for The Walking Dead game. (Photo:

Developer and publisher Telltale Games's critically acclaimed graphic adventure game, the Walking Dead has unveiled its newest downloadable content after spinning out five episodes with well-told narratives, adding five more characters and intersecting storylines.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days takes players through the life of five characters concentrating on their survival during the first 400 days of the Zombie apocalypse. The characters are introduced via DLC, their stories are all interwoven, though it is a stand-alone episode with a narrative style similar to Pulp Fiction.

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Players need not have played The Walking Dead: Season One to play this game but there are references to the past seasons.

There is no Clementine or Lee Everett but will be about the survival of Vince, Shel, Bonnie, Russell and Wyatt.

The DLC begins before there is a zombie outbreak but later the scene is fast forwarded 400 days later and there are zombies all around now with a bulletin board having the map of the area is filled with missing persons and five of the them being that of the characters appearing in the game, IGN reported.

Players can play the game in any order by selecting the characters they want.

Vince: After killing a man while trying to help his brother, he is found guilty and while being taken to the prison he gets trapped near the pit stop where the rest of the characters too are. However, he has to escape the prison bus due to the zombie outbreak.

Wyatt: He and his friend Eddie are fleeing from a big truck driver after an altercation, they enter a foggy area where they continue their argument thus hitting a person. Both play Rock Paper Scissors to decide who will check the person they have hit. If Wyatt looses he has to check and if he wins then he can get sit in the car and wait. Nate, the truck driver attacks and Eddie drives off leaving behind Wyatt.

Russell: Seen walking down the road that is empty, who runs for cover when he hears some vehicle approaching, which turns out to be Nate's truck. Both of them arrive at the pit stop where they dodge bullets and eventually come from the back door and rough up an elderly couple, where Nate convinces Russell to kill them.

Bonnie: Is a young woman who is cured of addiction by couples Leland and Dee. Leland has a romantic interest in Bonnie, when Dee is returning after stealing something from human encampment is chased into a dark cornfield that Bonnie would have slid away into. In her self-defense seeing something dark approaching, Bonnie kills her. Based on the player's actions Leland might stay or escape with Bonnie.

Shel: She and her group along with her younger sister Becca, capture the pit stop after Russell story. Her group has people from the Vernon's Cancer Remission group. The group along with Shel decide on the fate of her friend Stephanie who was trying to escape with food supplies. Shel and her group also defend their camp from any wandering man or from rival human group chiefly to protect her sister.

There is a final epilogue where Tavia who is working with a larger human camp finds survivors to safety, she also collects photos and makes a map of the pit stop where the larger part of the story takes place. Tavia finds the pictures of all the five characters with directions on where they are staying, leading her to them. And based on the player's choices some might stay there while others might leave with her.

The game is available on iOS, Mac, PC, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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