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Motorola Expected to Launch a Wearable Gadget Soon

By Anupika Khare on July 21, 2013 2:53 AM EDT 0

Is Motorola Entering Into Wearable Gadgets? (Photo: Reuters)

When Apple, Sony and Samsung are vying for a stand in the wearable tech industry, why should Motorola stay behind? The Illinois based company appears to be all set to make its mark in the wearable tech category.

Motorola recently gave out a job advertisement for a new head of its wearable design team, fuelling rumours that the company has some new plans up its sleeve.

"The wearables design team will lead the establishment of our brand in the massive competitive and growing space of wearable connected products," the advertisement read.

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With this, Motorola has dropped hints that it might soon launch wearable tech products. The person, who will take the post of Senior Director of Industrial Design, will "create a new world-class wearable's design group within Motorola."

Motorola came up with a smartwatch called MotoActv in 2012 but the gadget did not do very well in the market as it could connect only to Motorola smartphones and was also very expensive.

MotoActv was basically designed for fitness training and contained applications which would help users in their fitness regime with a GPS fitness tracker. The smartwatch features an Android 2.3.4 OS and also carries a music player.

By connecting the smartwatch to a smartphone, users could access text messages and calendar alerts along with social media messages. MotoActv also faced stiff competition from Sony's Smartwatch.

While Motorola appears to be just gearing up to design a new wearable technology, rumour has it that Apple and Samsung are way ahead in the race. Apple has already signed patents for 'iWatch' signature name in many countries and Samsung is also preparing to make a smartwatch.

Google too isn't far behind as the search engine giant is planning to make an Android smartwatch, just like its competitors Apple and Samsung, reported CNet.

With all these tech giants planning to produce smartwatches, looks like smartphones will soon be overshadowed by smart watches. 

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