Google Encourages Glass Developers to Start Working on Applications for the Device Before Launching Glass Development Kit

By iDigitalTimes Staff Reporter on July 27, 2013 5:40 AM EDT 0

Google Glass
Google Encourages Glass Developers to Start Working on Applications for the Device Before Launching Glass Development Kit (Photo: Reuters)

Google has encouraged the application developers of Google glass to start designing apps for the gadget, even though it hasn't launched the Glass Development Kit.

 It has urged the developers to continue using the standard Android SDK (API Level 15) and run their applications trials, through a post on Google Developer Website.

At present, the Glass developers can build applications that are applicable to web-based services only. During Google's I/O Developer Conference 2013, the tech giant had announced that it will soon release Glass Development Kit, which would help the developers to build Android based applications for Google Glass, but the plan hasn't come through yet.

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Google suggested the users to use the SDK to access low-level hardware OpenGL and use stock Android UI widgets.

Google Glass runs on Android 4.0.4, which most of the developers are familiar with. Google has already introduced some samples of the applications such as a stopwatch and a compass so that the developers can have an idea about what kind of applications can be more useful on the device.

 "When we release the GDK, we'll update these samples to demonstrate the migration path between a traditional Android app and a full Glass experience," posted Alain Vongsouvanh, a Google Glass team member on Google Plus.

Since Google is encouraging the developers to start working on Google Glass Applications, it has now been predicted that the tech giant will release the GDK very soon.

Some of the developers have already started working on Glass applications in the hope that a wearable technology like Google Glass will eventually replace mobile phones.

Red Bottle Design, a developer of applications for Google Glass is now planning to develop applications for the console before its release in the market.

"Rather than it being like, oh something's happening right now, I'm going to take myself out of the moment, grab my phone and take a picture of record something, it's kind of just there, it's ubiquitous. It's there when you need it, it's not in your way when you don't need it," WXXI News quoted Guy Paddock, CEO of Red Bottle Design as saying.

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