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Anonymous Indonesia Hacks WWE’s Website to Raise Awareness about Syrian Civil War, Twitterati Mocks the Move

By Vanilla Sharma on August 30, 2013 2:07 AM EDT 0

Anonymous Indonesia Hacks WWE’s Website to Raise Awareness about Syrian Civil War (Photo: Anonymous/Twitter)

After maintaining a low profile for quite some time, hactivist collective Anonymous is back.

The Indonesian division of the group breached security details and brought down the website of World Wrestling Entertainment for about 45 minutes on 29 August. The group that usually details out its actions through a press release on Pastebin, this time decided to justify the breach on Twitter.

Anonymous explained that the attack was carried out in a bid to raise awareness about the Syrian Civil War.

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“World Wrestling Entertainment Down Time To HELP SYRIA,” it tweeted under the handle @AnonNewsIndo.

While the motive behind the attack appeared to be decent, Anonymous has now become the butt of all jokes with Twitter users making fun of the group for hacking WWE to raise awareness about a geopolitical issue. Numerous users have called the move an extremely lame and “dumb” one.

@iAmSammo - “@AnonNewsIndo Can someone tell me the point of that? Attacking WWE is f***ing pointless.”

@Imp4ctCr4ft2 – “@AnonNewsIndo So Wrestling is not helping Syria? Lolnope.”

@JackMiller3250 - “doesn't make any sense. Why take down ?! WWE doesn't even have shit to do with syria...”

However, Anonymous appears to be intent on helping Syria during tough times and announced #opSyria on 28 August. The collective explained that the Syrian people have been ill-treated and troubled for just too long and it was extremely tough for the group and sit back and watch.

“From the chemical weapons and scud missile attacks employed by Bashar al-Assad, to the growing number of questionable and violent actions taken by some of the opposing groups, it is clear that whoever the citizens may rally behind, their safety and security is ultimately transient and not guaranteed,” the collective said in a press release. “The accumulation of war crimes has irritated our nest and the time has now come for us to take action.”

Anonymous also gave out details on how to access the internet in Syria in case the government shut it down to the general public. The collective promised to extend its support to the citizens of the country and fight with them throughout.

“We are with you in this war. No matter how alone and abandoned you feel, no matter how many atrocities you face - know that there are many of us working around the clock, concerned and attempting everything we can to catalyse change,” it said. “We are oceans far from you, but closer than the jugular vein. We, together, can conquer adversity.”

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