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Apple Brings Care+ Plan to UK with the Launch of iPhone5S and iPhone5C

By iDigitalTimes Staff Reporter on September 12, 2013 12:34 AM EDT 0

iPhone 5S, 5C to come with an extended two year coverage with Apple Care+ (Photo: Reuters)

The two iPhones launched at the Apple conference on 10 September evidently brought a cheer among the brand's patrons. Apple has now decided to extend the insurance cover on the latest iPhone devices for the European market.

The iPhone manufacture has proposed to extend the insurance cover, Apple Care+ for the two latest iPhones, 5S and 5C for the Britons and also plans to include France and Italy on the roster.  The insurance will mean an extended warranty period for the two devices for the next two years at a negligible cost of £79.

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Though Apple has included the iPod Touch and Classic to the list of covered devices, all the Apple devices will be not be lucky enough to have the additional coverage, according to techradar.  

The extended coverage will ensure unlimited telephone support and additional hardware cover, up to first two accidental damages during the two years. Heavy damage on the phone may add up to a further cost of £55.

The care+ plan was implemented in U.S., Canada and Japan two years back at a nominal fee of $49(£ 31.6) but will incur $79 (£50.24) now on. The basic plan will remain the same at $99(£62.66) but replacement of an iPhone will cost round £50 and £19 for the iPod, according to the official site for Applecare. The hardware buyers need to get the insurance within 30 days from the date of purchase of the Apple hardware and also have to submit the hardware specially in case of iPod for inspection.

However, the headphones for the Apple do not fall under the insurance cover anymore.

Apple has also come with an additional treat for the music lovers announcing the new Space Grey variant for iPod touch, Nano and Shuffle, reported tech2. The new colour shade for the iPod will not incur any additional charges and has been brought into effect due to the repeated complaints against the scratch prone black rear shell.

However, iPod classic and the 16GB iPod touch will not come in this colour and will be available only in the traditional black and silver combination. The latest colour addition can be cited as a move to revive the stagnant iPod market that has not come across the any significant changes since 2009.

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